PSIT Infrastructure | Vission, Mission & values
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Vission, Mission & values

PSIT Infrastructure and Services Ltd

Our mission at PSIT Infrastructure and Services Ltd. is to increase shareholder value by diversifying in new & profitable businesses/industries and to be an employer of repute in the industry by providing a good working atmosphere. We want to make IT and Infrastructure services available across India at best prices and to promote new businesses.

Our Values: Our 5 I’s

We at PSIT Infrastructure and Services Ltd. believe in these values and they form an integral part of working for ALL at PSIT Infrastructure and Services Ltd.

Integrity: Do work with utmost emphasis on ethics and moral values
Innovation:Be it using new ideas, tools, technologies, thoughts, we innovate & encourage ALL to innovate.
Information: Make informed decisions and share information with all stakeholders.
Internationalisation:Think GLOBAL, Act LOCAL. Use best practices from the world and apply to the Indian market India & Indian: India is changing & growing and on part of being a superpower in many regards. We take cognizance of this in our strategy, business decisions & day to day workings. Plus also the core Indian Values of KARMA.